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Video Analysis:

Quality instruction, quality video equipment and quality facilities are all part of Jimís instruction program at Royal Oaks Country Club. Jim was one of the original users of the V1 Video Analysis Software and now he has what is the next level in golf instruction. The K-Vest is a 3D imaging device that shows exact positions throughout your swing. From posture to hip tilt and from spine angle to alignment, the K-Vest is the most advanced teaching tool available to the PGA Professional. Many major manufacturers like Titleist and Taylor Made use 3D imaging to measure their PGA Tour staff members and now that technology is in Jim's skilled hands.

Jim also uses the Casio EX-F1 high speed camera that records your swing at an incredible 300 frames per second as seen in the example below. Regular video cameras record at speeds of 30 frames per second so Jim's camera sees it all!

Whenever Jim uses V1 to discuss swing concepts and ways to improve, the video analysis is uploaded to the PhenicieGolf Academy at no charge.




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